How To Identify Network Problems Up To 6x Faster

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As an experienced network engineer, you know that analysing flows of packets across a network is an accurate way to diagnose problems. 

The real problem is that time is always against you. If poor network performance costs a user 30 minutes per day, this quickly compounds into a serious business expense. Not to mention a ‘loss of faith’ in your effectiveness as an IT department.

The challenge with packet data is volume. When you have a trillion packets in front of you, where do you begin your analysis? In an ocean of packet data, how do you isolate the puddle of packets relevant to your issue? 

The answer lies with a tool you already have at your fingertips. That tool is Wireshark. 

In our experience, Wireshark allows fast diagnosis of network problems – up to six times faster than traditional methods. But until now, these savings have only come with years of Wireshark experience. Wireshark comes with a steep learning curve, adding days or even weeks to your investigations.

But, navigating Wireshark doesn’t have to be a headache. Based on 15 years of daily Wireshark experience, we’ve put together a unique user guide: Five Overlooked Ways To Quickly Identify Network Problems With Wireshark. In just a few pages, you’ll discover five Wireshark techniques our experts use every day to systematically track down network issues. 

The guide is free, and it can be with you in just a few seconds. If you’re tired of fishing around in oceans of packet data, it’s time to end the confusion. Just enter your details on this page, then keep an eye on your inbox.

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